ADNOC Distribution is an integrated energy company. Founded in 1973, ADNOC Distribution markets and distributes petroleum products and services within the United Arab Emirates and internationally. As one of the largest and most innovative government-owned petroleum companies in the Arab Gulf, ADNOC Distribution is renowned and respected for the exceptional quality and reliability of its products and services.

Technical Information - Blending & Packaging Plants

ADNOC Distribution has operated a state-of-the-art lubricants testing, blending and packaging plant since 1979. The operation has continually been upgraded and it is production capacity boosted over the years to meet the increasing customer demand for Adnoc lubricants in both the local and export markets. Today, ADNOC Distribution’s lubricant operation is regarded as one of the best blending and packaging plants in the region, and has a reputation for exceptional quality and performance results. ADNOC Distribution commissioned the construction of an adjacent petroleum plant in 1993, which manufactures a wide variety of high quality greases.

ADNOC Distribution maintains an advanced central laboratory, which houses the very latest quality control and precision equipment, used to conduct a wide variety of lube friction and purity tests. In order for the Company to ensure the highest possible quality, stringent QA/QC (Quality Control / Quality Assurance) testing is carried out during each stage of the production process, helping to ensure international standards and performance requirements are meet or exceeded.

ADNOC Distribution’s laboratory and capabilities extend far beyond production testing of lubricating oils. Customers have the option of submitting used oil to the lab, for detailed analysis and preventative equipment monitoring. A portion of the laboratory operation is dedicated to the QA/QC of ADNOC’s other petroleum products, such as aviation, gasoline, diesel and many other specialty fuels.

ADNOC’s blending facility also includes a sophisticated production and packaging center, with the ability to manufacture and fill metal drums (208 liter barrels), as well as smaller containers of four (4) and one (1) liter. The ability to customize the delivery of petroleum blends and containers has proven very popular with our customers, and demand has always been exceptional. The plant also features extensive storage facilities, which we make available to meet local and overseas commitments.

Lubricants - International Standards

At ADNOC Distribution, the words ‘Commitment’ and ‘Quality’ are synonymous with every product and service we offer. Nowhere is this more evident than within our Lubricant division. Long before a drop of oil reaches a customers engine, ADNOC Distribution has dedicated a significant amount of time and energy to test and monitor the quality of each and every product that we proudly put our name on.

This is most obvious in the approval ADNOC has received in meeting or exceeding international standards for engine oils, industrial and hydraulic lubricants, turbine and transformer oils, specialized oils and greases, automotive gear oils, automatic transmission fluids and brake fluids.

Lubricants - International Specifications

ADNOC Distribution’s product line of Lubricants and fuels are endorsed and certified by the most respected international authorities, including:

  • Original Engine Manufacturers (OEMs).
  • American Petroleum Institute (API).
  • US Military Authorities (MIL).
  • The British Defense Force (DEF/STAN).
  • The Committee of European Engine Manufacturers (ACEA).
  • Automobile manufacturers, including Porsche, BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, MAN and Caterpillar. These automakers endorse the high quality and enhanced engine protection that ADNOC Distribution’s lubricant products provide.
Lubricants - Technical Specification

ADNOC Distribution lubricants are formulated to meet or exceed international specifications, which were created and regulated by international institutions, such as the American Petroleum Institute (API), the US Military Authority (MIL), the British Defense Force (DEF/STAN), the European and Japanese Engine manufacturers.

ADNOC’s motor oils meet API specifications, including API SJ for gasoline engines and CG4 for diesel engines. The latest European specifications have also been met, including ACEA A2/A3, B2/B3, E2/E3 and OEM standards MB 229.1, VW 500, 501, 505, Porsche, and BMW.

High quality base oils and chemical additives from leading petroleum companies, including Esso, Lubrizol, and Ethyl are used in the blending process of Adnoc lubrications. Adnoc also procedures a line of fully synthetic and semi-synthetic products, which are designed for use in a wide variety of climatic and working conditions.

ADNOC’s available lubricants include a comprehensive range of specialty and conventional engine oils, industrial and hydraulic oils, and greases. More details are available in the ADNOC Distribution Lubricant product catalogue.

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