ADNOC Distribution is an integrated energy company. Founded in 1973, ADNOC Distribution markets and distributes petroleum products and services within the United Arab Emirates and internationally. As one of the largest and most innovative government-owned petroleum companies in the Arab Gulf, ADNOC Distribution is renowned and respected for the exceptional quality and reliability of its products and services.

Rahal Card benefits

A Rahal card from ADNOC Distribution is the convenient way to manage the costs of fuel, snacks or any of the Service Station items that travelers or business owners might need during a journey.

The Rahal card is accepted at more than All ADNOC Distribution Service Stations across the UAE. Rahal goes with you everywhere – whether it’s around the neighborhood, across town or down the highway and into the desert.

With Rahal card, drivers can consolidate expenses. Use Rahal to charge gas, car care products, car washes, and even Oasis convenient store items like snacks and drinks. Each month corporate customers receive descriptive account information in the mail and on-line, detailing purchased items with dates and remaining balances.


Apply now

Receive your Rahal card through two methods.

On-the-road: Visit any of the ADNOC Distribution Service Stations across the UAE, and drive away with a Universal Rahal card.

In-person: Customers wishing to use the customization features of the Rahal Private or Rahal Corporate Smartcard can visit the ADNOC Distribution head office in Abu Dhabi. Applicants will be greeted by friendly service counter staff and can learn more about the many features and benefits of Rahal before submitting an application form.

Rahal Card Options

Rahal Corporate: A highly customized credit-based card, ideally designed to allow company staff to track and pay for fuel or services without the hassle of coupons or a receipt system.

Rahal Private (Personal): Individuals looking for a pre-payment option that can be easily customized, rely on this card for its flexible and convenience.

Rahal Private (Universal): The pre-paid card designed for everyone! Perfect for the whole family.

E-Diesel: A newly implemented pre-paid card exclusively designed for purchasing Diesel from Adnoc Service Stations.

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